27 December 2020 / Club News

Dave Hobbs - a request for help in a special project

Dave Hobbs – his quest to become a published author

Background:  Dave would like to follow in his Mother’s footsteps by having a book published - with the minimum amount of effort from himself – we’ve heard that one before!  Every penny from the proceeds will go towards benefitting two charities which are close to Dave’s heart. The first is a local charity Cardiff Mind and the second is a national rugby union-based charity, The School of Hard Knocks. Through his rose-tinted glasses Dave would like to think the contents would cross many bridges and divides, making it a "world bestseller" for years to come, oh, and with film rights on the way as well!


The Plan: Since his Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis was made a few weeks ago, Dave has received the most wonderful heartfelt messages imaginable. Every single one special and very humbling. He also understands that many people have not been able to send anything, and openly admits that he would find it difficult under the same circumstances. The one thing he’s been asked time and time again has been, "is there anything I could do for you?". Well, YES there is  -  Dave would be incredibly grateful if you could take a little time to drop him a note recalling an episode or event when he comes into mind – yes, his vanity has gone to his head!!!

This can be about any, rugby, tours, holidays, work, socials, childhood, weddings, births, funerals, fundraising, community events, parties etc, etc.  It can be any length, from a single sentence or as long as needed. If you would like to recall more than one memory, that's fine, as many as you like.

This is open to all people who know Dave well, or not so well or somebody that might only know him as the annoying short-arsed little f----- on the side lines who has insulted almost everyone on and off the field over the years. So contributions please from family, friends, husbands, wives, children, grandparents..... in-fact ANYONE!  It can be funny, serious or anything in-between, and we would particularly welcome contributions from members and players of other clubs who have had the pleasure of knowing him, if only for a fleeting but insulting moment, over the years.

Stories can be recorded/written down in any way you're comfortable with; in your own hand-writing (if you’re able to write), email or text.  You may wish your memory to be anonymous – just please let us know.

Please don't underestimate your part in this. Hopefully, your contribution won't take you long, but your input will make a massive difference. Please pass on this information to anyone you think may like to contribute.

Please send your memories to Andrew Jones (Jonah): Email  or Mobile 07545329045


Thank you in advance for your time and effort and for your support of Dave.

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